Sunday, May 1, 2011

Activity conducted in order to raise awareness in the population of the Eastern Townships

For three straight years 9 students of Sherbrooke University will leave the comfort of their home to participate in the 5 days for homelessness. This campaign consists of staying 5 days in the streets as a goal to gather funds and food to help homelessness in the Eastern Townships. This event was from March 13th to the 19th. During the 5 days, the population is invited to participate if they desire. There are also many activities to gather funds that are organized throughout these five days. The rules for the participants in the 5 days for homelessness are:
1: to live outside for 5 days.
2: to revenue is attributes to them, 100% of the money and food received will go towards the cause.
3: to have no access to food supplies.
4: to have only one pillow and a sleeping bag
5: to have no access to showers or any other facilities students have rights to
6: Sleep outside
7: must assist all their regular classes during these five days
8: restrained from all personnel communication i.e. cell phone, e-mail, etc
9: to write about their experience

Great idea from these students. It is a nice gesture to show that some people do care. I would be curious to know if there are many people who participate during this campaign. It would certainly be something to look into and perhaps to participate in also. 

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  1. I think some students from the SCC could participate in that activity as well. It could be an activity for one of the courses (I can see Catherine Isely doing that) and to keep a journal about it as well as do a final paper on it. It would be a fantastic learning experience especially for students interested in that clientele group. Rose Marie.