Saturday, April 30, 2011

3 types of Homelessness

1) Situational or transitional: This is when someone is forced into homelessness because of uncontrollable circumstances such as loosing a job, important material lost, lost of main breadwinner(father, husband, wife) etc.

2) Episodic or cyclical: This is when a person repeatedly falls in and out of homelessness. This often happens with drug addicts and with people experiencing mental health issues. The person might live episodes of severe depression cyclical way and fall back in homelessness when these occur. Same for someone with drug abuse issues. The person may be able to stop consuming for certain periods of time and get off the street, while being at high risk of homelessness all the time.

3) Chronic: This is when an individual is in the street for a long period of time and very few or no resources are at their disposition to modify their situation. Often, these people will suffer from mental health issues. They wont have the ability to modify their situation without the support of others. It is very rare that someone will be homeless all of his or her life on a voluntary basis.

Source: Réseau solidarité du Québec (2006).Pour une politique en Itinérance.


  1. I have never thought about the types of homelessness. This is really interesting because I didn't know that different kind of homelessness existed. I do know that in a lot of cases it is not a choice of getting homeless. I think that a lot of times also people that are homeless are homeless because they didn't get the tools they needed to be able to have their rent and not live in the streets.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes It Is Right ! I Have Fallen For Situational, Due To The Fact Of Me Being Hurt For The Death Of My Father. I Have Also Have Been Threw The Episodic With Drugs.

  3. thanks Keyla. I did not know that there were different types of homelessness until my social justice professor asked me to google them up. I also want to thank you for sharing part of your experience with homelessness. You are so brave.

  4. For me and my brothers move to one house to other. We not in care but my loss one house,force out live in my uncle basement on and off as long I remembered. On many time my mom parent sleep with someone else it a cycle every 3 years. One time my house burn down it almost before 5 years ago. When we move into a house for the first 7 months of living in the house my mom force me to put stuff on my walls. To now my mom is looking for a new house. When my brothers and I hear this we all hate it.