Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Homeless Statistics.

Shelter Occupancy Rates by Canadian Province March 2001
According to the 2001 census, the following occupancy rates in Canadian shelters (meaning homeless shelters, halfway houses and emergency lodgings for abused spouses and their children) on one day in March were reported as:
Canada 14,145 (total)
Ontario 6,100
Quebec 3,365
Alberta 1,935
British Columbia 1,085
Manitoba 885
New Brunswick 265
Saskatchewan 255
Nova Scotia 165
Newfoundland and Labrador 45
Northwest Territories 20
Yukon Territory 15
Prince Edward Island 5
Nunavut 5
"The data should not be interpreted as Canada's homeless population but the number of people in shelters that day."
The statistics are fairly accurate for a "one day spot check," says Diane Morrison, executive director of The Mission, a homeless shelter in Ottawa. The numbers reflect only the month of May, when the census was taken.
"If the data had been taken during winter, when we experience our highest occupancy rates, the results would have been quite different," she says.

This is only for one day out of 365 days, can you imagine how dominant this problem is. Its a reality that we are faced with, however, not many people are aware of the situation.

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  1. Interesting statistics. Maybe you could try to find the statistics for the eastern townships if there are any. It could be interesting to compare.